Dissertation proposal help: get your writing in shape

The papers are stacked around the corners and in the middle of the room, all covered with rows and columns of chaotic text…

A couple of notes on the old bills…

A bazillion of books… A scattered battlefield of empty teacups…

It’s not a beginning of some Modernist novel. It’s your life with a dissertation proposal – unless you get it in shape.

Writing a dissertation proposal: control the process – don’t let it control you

Messy dissertation proposal writing results from lack of planning. Luckily, this is easy to fix: just act according to a time-tested plan. These 4-step strategies should help you deal with the problem. Our experience of hired custom writing proves that they are really helpful.

Way 1: Set your goals

The statement section is not useless buzz. In reality, it is the most vital part of all dissertation proposals. It deals with the aim of this long quest for knowledge. How to set your goal?

  1. Think about your research interests. What things are you fond of? At this stage, you can think globally, up to the points like “unique cases are more interesting for me than analytical drill” or “I’d better like working with people”. Decide whether you are focused on theory or practice.
  2. Build a theoretical foundation of your dissertation proposal. That is to say, relate your interest to the discipline in question. Like networking? Apply some social interaction theory to the context of social networks.
  3. Narrow your topic down to a problem or a set of problems. Problematic questions can’t be easily answered one way.
  4. Ask yourself whether you have time and strength to manage the topic. If it requires too much, make it even narrower.

On this ground, it’s much easier to describe the objective of writing a dissertation proposal. It’s only after your research statement that you start filing in the remaining sections.

Way 2: Faster, stronger, easier

Writing a dissertation proposal is a big deal. If you don’t have enough time – or are unwilling – to write from scratch, just use our help! An excellent model paper saves you time and guarantees the acquisition of key theoretical and practical points. We are the best to order a dissertation proposal because writemypapers.org:

  1. You communicate with experienced Master and PhD writers
  2. You are supported 24/7
  3. You are provided with double quality check and a set of guarantees
  4. You deal with a company that has been keeping a good reputation on the market for years
  5. You get enticing discounts

All you need to do is:

  1. Fill in the order form
  2. Pay for your model dissertation
  3. Discuss the details with your writer (everything is 100% confidential) and
  4. Download your dissertation proposal.

Isn’t it reasonable to trust the experts and take a rest before the final effort? Make a smart choice!


I must confess that for the first I think several days, I had been in doubt about my decision to write a dissertation proposal with you. But later, when I saw the outline and several sections of my proposal, I realized that it’s really a bargain. Thanks a million!

Kate M. (UK)

Here is my story. My academic routine was so time-consuming that I got down to my proposal having a month before the submission deadline. The writer did what I asked unbelievably fast. Your dissertation proposal help with several chapters is so much appreciated.

Nathan J. (USA)

Impossible… So quickly and with such a quality. This is even not mentioning the fact that dissertations proposals are not easy to deal with! All I can say is that you are incredible.

Stanley S. (USA)

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